Cmd On Play

Plugin for Unreal Engine

Tool extension for the Unreal Engine that runs specified console commands after PIE. Allows to manage and trigger your commands over a simple UI.


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Closed Beta - Contact for access

Product Benefits

  • Custom command definition via editor preferences
  • Intuitive UI for commands that should be performed
  • Project wide predefined configs
  • User specific config changes/extensions
  • Different command execution modes (World, PlayerController)
  • Different trigger modes (OnPIEWorldCreated, Custom)
  • Fast manual execution of predefined commands
  • Reset CVars on PIE

Command Sets

Preconfigure sets of common commands into special data assets and share it with your team via the project files. Still keep the freedom that every user can select which pre defined datasets will be used or add additional custom commands locally.

Custom Trigger

For advanced game flows use the Custom Trigger mode to control the point in your initialisation flow where the commands will be executed from the plugin.

Reset CVars

Reset your Console Variables on every run to keep your configuration always into a defined state. The plugin will detect CVars from the configurations and make them available for reset automatically.

No need to care about changed configurations from your previous PIE sessions.


Works on everything that can be executed/set from the engine commandline, like Console Variables and Commands.