Cast Visualizer

Plugin for Unity Engine

Tool extension for the Unity Editor that visualizes all casts and overlap tests in the scene view for fast debugging. It will also display the hit results and requires no code modifications.


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Product Benefits

  • Visualizes casts, overlap tests, and their results (hit points, colliders)
  • Works with standard Unity functions, no code modification required
  • Supports all cast types (check, cast, all, noAlloc)
  • Shows casts for the whole project, including not self-programmed like in external plugins

Intuitive Visualization

Visualizes the casts and overlaps in a simple, but efficient way. Displays the origin, cast volume, and the resulting hits. Uses color coding for the different cast types to help distinguishing between them.


Works with the standard Unity casts (Physics, Physics2D). No additional code changes are necessary to use this visualization module.


Customize the colors for the various visualization types to your liking. Control which module’s casts are visualized to keep track of what you are working on. Choose between different cast volume visualizations like ‘line’ and ‘wired body’.

Provided Visualizations

• Linecast
• Raycast
• Boxcast
• CapsuleCast
• SphereCast
• CheckBox
• CheckSphere
• CheckCapsule
• OverlapBox
• OverlapSphere
• OverlapCapsule
• Linecast
• Raycast
• BoxCast
• CapsuleCast
• CircleCast
• OverlapBox
• OverlapCircle
• OverlapCapsule
• OverlapArea
• OverlapCollider
• OverlapPoint